Microsoft PowerToys: Image Resizer

December 7, 2007 at 12:52 am (Technical Stuffs) (, , , )

Back in camp, I saw a friend resizing images like nobody business.

So I stick out my busy nose, and asked him “how’d you do that?”

He said “download a Image Resizer tool from PowerToys”. So I went home later that day with a smile on my face, cause I got a new toy to play around with.

In this topic, I’m particularly looking for something to help me resize my images (just take a look at my images I posted previously) with ease. Most of the converted images were around 60kb, and is ideal for sharing across the internet. I do not recommend resizing for a professional editing picture, because the quality is greatly reduced.

So download Image Resizer, you can find it on the right side of that page.

By the way, I’ve only tested this on Microsoft XP, I’m not sure if it’ll run on any other operating systems including Vista.

Usage is fairly easy. You just locate your image, right click, and choose “Resize Pictures”. Then you can choose whichever format you want, or you can even specify your own. The best thing about this little software is that it allows bulk converting without even running a high-memory program.

Most of my pictures in this blog is resized using that. How cool is that? And each picture is only around 20kb so it uploads in a breeze.

You should give it a try too.


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