Rapsodi Remix

December 7, 2007 at 9:51 pm (General, Music Reviews) ()

I’m currently watching Rapsodi Remix shown on Suria.

As per usual, the presense of Suhaimi Yusof spiced up the whole atmosphere. He makes a good host no matter what kind of shows he hosts on. I’ve always enjoyed his hosting abilities.

I must say, I’m pretty impressed by the standards of our current local talents. But I’m still sceptical, how far can they go?

They have artiste like Hady Mirza, Allif Aziz, Maya Rahman, Haryani Hassan Bakri etc, and I have yet to see how far their success can be.

If just hoping for Singapore alone, I doubt these young stars can reach the stars. I’m very sure that Singapore is doing a lot for these young talents to feature into international grounds but I have yet to see that happening.

I hope the Asian Idol starting tomorrow will change how the Asia sees Singapore’s talent.

Personally, I liked how Allif Aziz does the Hip-hop remix of Ala Canggung, it was simply refreshing. But it reminds me of the all time favourites rendition by Too Phat and sounded so much like Ahli Fikir, so I still think there’s much to improve on.

But I think it’s a bit biased, because the show’s ground in Singapore. So whenever the names of Hady Mirza, Allif Aziz and Maya Rahman is spoken, the crowd goes wild. What about the incredible talents from Brunei Darussalam? I think because the crowd knows them (recent stars) so it’s pretty common that they will jump crazy upon hearing their names.

Like all the other Rapsodi series every year, it has always been a huge success, and the response was well received. I hope it continues this way, either way it’s good for both Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.


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