Boss GT-8

December 9, 2007 at 12:46 pm (Personal) (, )

I’m selling my Boss GT-8.

View the specs here.

It’s a great multi effects floor board pedals, way too great for me to use. I’m a simple metalhead and I don’t need too much of an effects to make music.

I offered this baby for S$600 flat. How cheap can that be! Was it a great deal or what. Fortunately, someone have made his bid and I’m selling it tomorrow. EDIT: That someone didn’t make it! 😦

Comes with adapter and custom made hard case. But without the manual and original box.

So today will be my last day taking care of it. After which, I have no reason to think about it anymore. My next “out-of-my-room” list would be my 25watts Ibanez practice amp. That one I’m letting go for S$100. I’m very generous ain’t I?

My boss GT-8 with hard case


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