Spoilt products after changing hands?

December 12, 2007 at 5:31 pm (Personal)

Do 2nd hand products gets spoilt after it have changed owners?

I was trying to sell my GT-8 and a poster came up to me and asked me whether I have a receipt for the purchase of my GT-8?

So I told him no, and my GT-8 has not failed me when I was using it. I have to admit I do have a fair share of abusing the system, but it does not failed me at any point of time. So I would say, this product lives up to it’s name.

However, this poster told me that he had one bad experience. He bought a 2nd hand GT-6 from another poster, but when he used it for a couple of months, it was spoilt. He told me not to trust Boss products, because they will eventually gets spoilt.

From my perspective, the other poster who sold him the GT-6 was not HONEST of his sale. He did not mentioned of any anomaly he would have found while using the GT-6. I know this is the game of business, you only tell the good point, and you hide the bad points.

I have a lot of friends who would risked their lives to prove that I’m the kind who’d take care of my stuffs. Especially, if it’s an electronics. Because I know how electronics gets spoilt. One wrong bump, and that’s it. You can kiss good bye to it.

Just for the info, I’ve been using the N-Gage (classic) for 2 years already. The only fault I find is the casing, which have gone extensive abuse and will naturally wear. What about the internals? Nothing’s wrong with it. To be honest, this handphone HAVE gone “diving” in the water before. Think about it! I did not even send it for repair. Out of miracle, it becomes ok, and now it’s a living proof.

Maybe my hands were lucky. The computer I’ve been using for YEARS have not been spoilt. As in, infected with viruses and stuffs like that. Only a few occasion the hardware fails, but that’s beyond things that I can touch. My graphics card and my motherboard failed me once. But those are not things I can touch. I have not reformatted my system due to viruses or any thing like that before. Why do I have friends who come running to me asking me to help fix their computers? I seldom experience these mishaps.

So I think, it’s the duty of the owner to take care of their things. I wouldn’t want to sell something dishonest. I’m selling because I don’t have any other use for it. I’d rather convert it to cash, and use the cash for something else that’s more meaningful.

I don’t know la… I think if noone wants to buy my GT-8 JUST because there’s no receipt, I’ll put it up at a ridiculous price. I’ve already made my loss, so might as well lose everything.


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