Asian Idol

December 17, 2007 at 12:14 am (Hot Stuff) (, )


I wasn’t really expecting the representative from the 647km² island (not continent) of 4 million residents strength would actually win the first Asian Idol.

I mean, look at other countries. They have more land, and hence more people who could vote. Unless, you’re telling me they don’t support their own kind?

I believed Hady Mirza won because he simply has the X-factor. He was charming, mesmerising and simply irresistable.

But like my girlfriend says, Singapore has the strongest mobile phone users. So imagine if there’s 2 million mobile phone users, and every Singaporean votes for him, there will be estimated of at least 1, 999, 999 votes for him (exclude 1, because I didn’t vote :P)

But hey, he has made our country proud. I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s newspaper will have pages full of JUST him.


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