CR on 12122007

December 17, 2007 at 12:37 am (Fishing CR) (, , )

It’s a late post, but I’ll just post it nonetheless.

Went to usual spot at Marina South. Bait used was fresh sotong recently caught given by my brother’s father-in-law.

Weapon used by me:
– Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 CT Mag
– 10ft Lemax Platinum

Weapon used by my brother:
– Shimano Aerlex 8000
– 12ft Lemax rod (not sure of the model name though)

My brother and 3 duri


The total catch

Me and my weapon

My brother and his weapon



  1. airo said,

    I search by google and know you use a 10ft platinum Lemax rod. I want to buy one but i’m so confuse. Can u share me some experience? How weight can i lift up a fish by that rod? I’m used to catch 8-12lbs fish, and i don’t want so use a clamp.I like to use my rod. KEKE. Please answer me. Thank u so much! Wish u catch biggest fish!

  2. dermapthera said,

    Hi airo!

    For this rod, to my experience, it’s a very light rod. It’s max casting weight is just 80g, so you can just imagine how soft it is. For me, I just bash everything (not a good idea) and that’s how I (usually) get my rod damaged. You’ll definitely need the grip (boga, clamp, whatever you call it) especially if you’re handling a heavy fish.

    However, the line class of the rod is 12-40lbs. I have a friend who uses this and caught a 66lb fish with a 20lb line, with a drag of at least 10kg in a pond before without breaking it! (Use at own risk!) But if you ask me, I have absolutely no experience in handling a heavy fish on this rod. You should try googling around for other people’s experiences on this rod instead.

    And I’m still targeting my big fish! 🙂

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