December 19, 2007 at 1:01 pm (Personal) ()

Like my girlfriend says, the previous buyer busted me.

Since I’m being a nice guy and all, I’m offering it at S$450 to the most patient guy in the forum! He has waited since my first post and I admire his patience. And he didn’t wait to decide when to come over, the minute I SMSed him, he’s coming in the afternoon. Very prompt.

And I think my girlfriend is sure to kill me. But the offer has been up since 8th Dec, and I’m really kinda desperate to get the money.

And I think I might sell my Ipod Touch 8GB I got from getting my broadband. I’ve seen a lot of posts from other forums selling at S$400. They also have money minded like me.

But maybe, I’ll end up using the Ipod myself. I mean, when else can I get my hands on an Ipod? 🙂


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