Finally… Broadband!

December 22, 2007 at 10:27 pm (Personal) (, , )

I think I’m way lagging behind because just before today, I was using the conventional dial-up to connect myself to the internet.

I know everybody is getting their hands on faster and faster internet, but let me ask you one thing… How does “faster” help you?

If you’re the downloading type, I’d suggest, FORGET it. Especially in Singapore. I wonder where is the “freedom of speech” and “privacy to customer’s information” goes to in this context.

If people can get sued by “middlemen” for downloading their favourite anime shows, that just simply shows how insecure the privacy is. All I know in the digital world, nothing is private, even if you’re blogging in private. They will somehow, somewhere and some time gets their hands on the data they wanted to see. So they’ll do anything and everything.

Thanks to people who download and sells them, other people cannot benefit. In this world, you live alone. There’s absolutely no room for sharing. No noone shares. They eat for themself, play for themself, live for themself and die for themself. Such a cruel world? But that’s the world we are in literally.

Sooner or later, even our homes are being supervised. There’s no place in this world for privacy. Sooner or later, people will get to know you’re having sex with that girl next door you’ve been eyeing for in the last week.

You’ll never know the power of digitalism in the next few years.

That’s where customer’s right to privacy will come to play a part.


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