Abu 6500 C3 CT Mag Hi Speed: The Review

December 23, 2007 at 4:50 am (Fishing Review, Reviews) (, )

Finally I went to do some real fishing with my new reel.

I was fishing both my Abu reels, and comparing between the first one, the original Mag Elite and the second one, the new Hi Speed model.

I must say, I’m pretty impressed by it’s (the Hi Speed) performance. Or should I say, a little too great for me to master.

The new Hi Speed model sucks when left with 1 mag, and no brake blocks. I had removed them prior to testing. I did the same with my Mag Elite, however, my Mag Elite stands out better with the same setting in place.

So I change the settings, and place 3 mags on the Hi Speed model (with no brake blocks), and the casts becomes more manageable. I have virtually eliminate all pesky over-runs (birdnest).

The ratchet was very handy too! It rings like an alarm clock and I managed to set my hook on my first fish! But, it got snagged by the corals and eventually my line snaps, leaving traces of injuries to the main line.

The verdict: if you’re going fishing, then I’d suggest you’ll get yourself the Hi Speed model. If you’re doing castings, stick with the Mag Elite, it has never failed me no matter what abuse I throw at it.


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