iPhone vs iPod Touch: Part 2

December 23, 2007 at 5:35 pm (Hot Stuff, iPhone, iPod Touch, Reviews, Technical Stuffs) (, , , , , , )

iPhone vs iPod Touch

Well, the war continues as Steve Jobs tries to convince and sell out his products to the world. From all the reviews I’ve seen, I came into a common conclusion: iPhone.

Everybody is making their comparison between getting an iPod Touch and an iPhone.

I visited my favourite forum today, and saw somebody trying to sell an unlocked iPhone to be able to run in Singapore’s mobile networks. To me, he’s trying to get rid of it asap after learning that it can be “bricked” by Apple after an update.

Bricked: To lock a device (electronics) and rendered it unusable under any circumstances. – Anonymous

If you had asked me which to choose from, I’ll definitely go for the iPod Touch. Here are my reasons why I won’t get the iPhone (yet):

  • Not fully supported to be able to run legally in Singapore
  • Far more expensive (iPod Touch 8GB: S$500, iPhone 8GB: S$1200)
  • I still have a working mobile phone and still loves it to bits
  • It’s not 3G enabled phone, I can get a 3.5G phone for that price
  • Some of it’s main functions are tied to only the contracted network.
  • It’s not a business friendly phone
  • Has no keypads (even though it’s touchscreen keypads, it could cost valuable time and money for some users)

Here are some reasons why I might consider the iPhone (if it’s available in Singapore):

  • I get everything in one device
  • widest screen for a phone
  • Slightly better battery life (by like 5%-10%)
  • Has better video display (based on some tests I found on visiting sites)

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