iPod Touch vs iPhone: Part 1

December 23, 2007 at 2:23 am (Hot Stuff, iPhone, iPod Touch, Reviews) (, , , , , , )

The last time I heard about the iPhone was around 6 months ago. I was all excited about this new phone and began googling about it. I even rewatched all the iPhone videos on YouTube like a dozen times because I’m simply mesmerized by it’s features and design aesthetics.


Then when I wanted to sign up for my broadband, I realised I would get a free iPod Touch. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I thought it was the iPhone! So I looked and looked harder, I said “oh, it was the iPod Touch”.

Ipod Touch

Yeap. The iPod Touch has the same “look and feel” of the iPhone, with a little twist. So this triggers me to do a check online regarding the differences between the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

Though the shape looked the same nontheless, but you won’t get fooled between an iPod Touch and an iPhone.

A lot of reviews and critics have made their say regarding these 2 great products from Apple. These are what I have gathered.

Pros and Cons of iPod Touch

  • Is slimmer
  • 3.5mm jack for any connectors that uses it
  • Video out capabilities
  • Cheaper (duh?)
  • More storage capacity of up to 16GB
  • Does not requires any hacking to use
  • No microphone (hence, no voice recording capabilities)
    • (an fun fact I found) Since there’s no microphone, you can’t use the Ipod Touch for VoIP using the built-in Wi-Fi
    • On another note, the older Ipods has no microphones either…
  • No loudspeakers
  • Not really a full fledged PDA as most people would reckon it to be
  • No email client
  • No maps (shit I’m lost!)
  • No bluetooth

Pros and Cons of iPhone

  • Cellular abilities (duh?)
  • Built in 2 MP Camera
  • Has more functions (didn’t explore on that)
  • Only works in AT&T network (unless, yes, you hacked it)
  • Has better screen quality (although some resources have denied this. Have yet to confirm…)

To me, it’s all up to the user. I have read somewhere that says…

“Why get multiple devices when you can have everything in one?”

So it simply shows that if you’re the kind who’d want literally everything in your one single hand, then the iPhone is made for you. If you still love your old phone and wanted a cool looking mp3 player that has multi-touch screen functions, then get the iPod Touch.

For paying a little more, you can pamper yourself with a cool gadget. Well, at least in Singapore, the iPhone loses it’s favour because it needs to be hacked before it can be used. That, was quite a letdown if you ask me…

I will probably do the iPod Touch review once I get my hands on it. The video out capability does look very enticing to me. I wonder when my voucher will come…


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