Lemax Platinum Pro Rod: The Review

December 23, 2007 at 5:59 pm (Fishing Review, Reviews) (, )

Due to some interest in the rod I’m using, I decided to draw an outline for people who might want to get the rod for use.

Firstly, it’s a freshwater designed rod, but I still use it for saltwater. Although not really recommended, but it’s softness and lightness is what I liked most for the rod.

For a start, you can visit here for the specs.

Anyway, this is for my personal review (for the PL100MHC2 rod)

The rod flexes nicely and it has good backbone. Having a good backbone helps the rod distribute the load evenly when there’s a fight, so that it does not break easily. Bite indication is good too, having it being very sensitive and soft tip. That’s how I manage to land 4 marine catfishes in my previous catch report because of quick alertness when the tip is wriggling.
It can cast a sinker size 2 ounces pretty well (reaching a max distance of 100m), and a good casting technique is definitely required to get the better distance. I’ve tried with sinker of size 3 ounces, it bends hard, and I don’t think it’s recommended for power casts. Maybe a sinker of size 2.5 ounces would be good enough.

It’s a good luring rod if you’re playing lures instead of baiting.

It’s also very lightweight, great enough if you’re having a long day fishing trip. Though it’s too long to be kept into the boot of a car (2 equal joints at 5ft), unless you own a van, you might want to consider buying it too.


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  1. adrew said,

    can i noe whr can find the lemax and sniper rod and daiwa rod is can find outt whr i wan buy

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