Marie Digby – Rihanna Umbrella Acoustic Cover

January 3, 2008 at 12:33 am (YouTube videos) (, , , , , )

I’ve officially become a Marie Digby fan!

Marie Digby

She’s so cute, and she can sing, can write songs, and can play both the guitar and the piano! If only she stays in Singapore, I’ll gladly want to take a picture with her! Or maybe I can write a song specifically to feature her! That would make my song well known! I realised I have written a lot of exclamation marks in this paragraph alone! I think I’m crazy!

Anyway, this is the clip that started it all.

Visit her MySpace at



  1. andrew said,

    she looks like a star

  2. dermapthera said,

    She IS a star now. 🙂

  3. Ging said,

    beautiful and talented , keep up the good work

  4. chin said,

    she is cute

  5. jerriccalosor said,

    Yeah but having good looks isn’t enough though, lately her songs where rarely heard on the radio, yeah she got quite a talent in singing and is composing her own songs which is quite remarkable for a solo artist such as her, but the word “good” always comes in between, I doubt if she’ll ever make it to stardom like the artists that goes before her (vanessa carlton, Michelle Branch… etc) still I wish you all the best, actually I watched her show recently here in the philppines she’s such a beautiful girl. why did I wrote a comment this long UGhhh ~_~

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