iPod Touch: My Review

January 4, 2008 at 2:19 pm (iPod Touch, Reviews, Technical Stuffs) (, , , , )

iPod Touch

I’ve been dying to write a review for my iPod Touch since I got it 3 days ago. At first, I thought I wanted to put it up for sale in forums, but it turns out that this baby is too good to let go so soon.

For a start, I got this free. Yeap, you read it right. It’s free. It’s a bundle package I got when I subscribe to my broadband connection.

And for the record, this is the first iPod I ever had. I never had the chance to use the first to fifth generation iPods, mainly because they cost slightly more than any other digital players in the market. So due to my tight budget, I grabbed other players on the market that’s available at that time.

And the iPod touch is definitely fun to use. Since there are no buttons (except the home key and power button), it’s a breeze navigating it without wondering what the button does. And you can use it without even reading the manual. I spent ½ hour reading the manual which does not highlight the main uses at all.

The key feature to the iPod Touch is the Wi-Fi connection. Currently, this is the only iPod that has that capability. All the predecessor does not have any wi-fi abilities.

So I hook it up onto the wireless network, and start using Safari. It loads up pages in a breeze. I think it all depends on how fast your wireless connection are. I can virtually visit any page, without worrying that this is a “mobile” device. The only drawback is that I can’t view embedded YouTube videos that are featured inside my friend’s blog. I didn’t actually expect anything more though.

So if I want to watch YouTube videos, I just touch on the dedicated “YouTube” icon and all the YouTube features are displayed. You can also search for any videos. Only drawback I find is the lack of “personalization”. For some of us, we log in onto YouTube account to find our favourites, our playlists etc, but the iPod Touch’s YouTube has no log in funtion. So I guess they wanted to keep things simple.

The other icons are pretty straight forward like “Calendar”, “Contacts”, “Clock” and “Calculator”. The calculator is definitely handy especially for people who uses it frequently.

Now come to the main part of the review. Music, videos and photos.

When I just got this, the first thing I want to do is to put some music into the player! So I sync up my favourite album, Sacrament by Lamb Of God, and plug it out from the connector. Then I realised that there’s no album art. So I had to start googling for album arts and then attach it to each and every song associated with that album. For that matter, I spent hours looking for all the album arts so that I can attach them onto each and every music file I have. Here’s a link on how to do that in iTunes. Now when you’re done with that, you can now enjoy CoverFlow, an animated display of your music’s album arts.

Next up, I wanted to try out the video capabilities. I read on the official Apple’s site, and found out that it uses h264 video, and quicktime files. So to convert to h264, you can use… (drum rolling) 3GP_Converter! Just look for the one says “Model: MP4, for iPod” and you can start converting your videos like crazy. If it doesn’t work, you can leave a comment and I’ll post up the edited transcoding file.

Last but not least, the Photos function. If you’re the photo freak and wanted to view them on your digital music player, you will love the Photos button. You can change the orientation of the photos by turning your player 90° clockwise or anti-clockwise. You can also flick the pictures using your fingers. If only they can include a setting to change the slideshow effects without having to go back to home, that would make the perfect app.

So how about the battery life? Though this device runs for 22 hours of non-stop music and 5 hours of non-stop videos, I’d say that’s more than enough for your everyday use. You don’t listen to 22 hours of music or watch 5 hours of videos do you? You’ll probably use your iPod to go to work, go to school or listening to tunes while meeting your girlfriend on the other side of the world. And you don’t take 22 hours to travel do you?

Still, there are no signs of Apple having their iPods having integrated with radio. I still wonder why. Every other digital players competition always highlight their capability to use radio.

Another drawback is that this player has no bluetooth although some speculation says that there might be bluetooth. Maybe future firmware upgrades may confirm this? It would definitely be very cool to have bluetooth on your iPod. There are already some “non-marketable” products that has EVERYTHING in one, namely, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even gaming. Well, if you had packed every single technology into one small device, I bet the price tag would be different. 😉

Humans are such visual creatures, no wonder Apple’s research team decided to come up with something very unique and cool. Thumbs up for them!


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