Jailbreak the iPod Touch

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  1. Sparcus said,

    I spent hours and many attempts to jailbreak my 1.1.2 iPod Touch. I had to reset my Touch a few times, but I finally succeeded.

    You instructions are the most clear and easy to read so far.

  2. dermapthera said,

    No problem dude. I’m glad my assistance could be of some help.


  3. dave said,

    What is the use of putting the jailbreak files on your pc if you download the app from safari using wifi? (The step 4 in the 1.1.1 section

  4. dermapthera said,

    You cannot jailbreak a 1.1.2 iPod/iPhone using the site, because 1.1.2 has covered the TIFF security exploit.

    The jailbreak files are intended for version 1.1.2 only! You don’t need the jailbreak files if you’re using 1.1.1, BUT if your ipod touch or iphone won’t reboot after restoring into 1.1.1, then you’ll need to use the 1.1.2 jailbreak files in order to boot it.

    I hope this clears up the confusions.

  5. bob said,

    guys a trojan virus has gone in my ipod touche, firs a pop from the internet sed that i had a virus then my touch sreen dident work

  6. dermapthera said,


    Can you describe the nature of the problem and how it get into your iPod Touch in the first place? The only known trojan virus came from a 11-year old kid (read my other post) and it does not pop anything from the internet/safari. So I hope you can clarify more on that.

  7. Kent Brewster said,

    I’m getting panicky reports from people who upgraded to 1.1.3 and have not been able to get back to 1.1.1. Be careful out there.

  8. dermapthera said,

    Ya I just checked with some places, it is indeed hard to downgrade it.

  9. dermapthera said,

    I just realised that you can now downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 so that you could jailbreak it again. Follow the link to my other post here.

  10. Genok said,

    I ordered an ipod touch last tuesday so i been looking for info, following “ipodtouchmaster” tag i found your page, so i cant wait to get my hands on my ipod when it arrives….

    oh…..the reason for this comment, heres a link for itunes 7.5


  11. dermapthera said,

    Hi Genok!

    Thanks for that link! I didn’t know it even existed. This is gonna help lots of people. I’m going to update my post with that link. Thanks once again.


  12. Harakai San said,

    I know this is asking a lot, But it would be awesome if the entire procedure can be shown in screen grabs/Pictures! πŸ™‚ What say!

  13. dermapthera said,

    Hi Harakai!

    I’d love to do that if possible…

    But don’t you think it might look a little bit cluttered in the page? But I’ll consider it, maybe on jailbreak process of 1.1.3 when it’s made available.

    Thanks for the feedback. It is muchly appreciated.


  14. jab said,

    Hello, ive followed all the steps, but i get and error when i use jailbreak 1.1.2
    it says oktoprep has not been installed.
    but i did install it. i had to perform a shift- restore to get to 1.1.2 from 1.1.1
    but the confusing thing is its wiping my oktoprep when i restore.I am using itunes 7.5
    Can anyone help?

  15. dermapthera said,

    Hi jab.

    I’m not sure if you have missed out anything, but here’s the simplified version (without those lengthy words…)

    1. Downgrade to 1.1.1
    2. Jailbreak 1.1.1 via jailbreakme.com
    3. Install OktoPrep
    4. SHIFT+UPDATE 1.1.2 (note, it’s update, not restore)
    5. Jailbreak 1.1.2 (using the jailbreak files)

    If these still fail, I suggest you really follow my steps slowly and carefully. If any parts is misleading, let me know which one, and I’ll get it corrected as soon as possible.

    Good luck!


  16. jab said,

    ok thanks ill try again, i did’nt see update light up only restore i’ll try again.
    Its seems tricky now that it autoboots for a 1.1.3 update on itunes

  17. dermapthera said,

    Hi jab

    Seems that the program’s getting persistent. That’s why I used my trusty firewall to shut it up for good. Hehe… It will never download anything online, so I will never get auto-updated my iPod.

    Well let me know what happens ok? Good luck mate.

  18. jab said,

    Thanks so much, That was the ticket i needed.You were a great help

  19. dermapthera said,

    Glad it turned out ok for you.

    Have fun! =)

  20. Genok said,

    Glad to help, im still waiting for my ipod touch =(, but now i know what to do when i get it =)

  21. dermapthera said,

    Hi Genok!

    Do let me know what version it’s running OTB ok? And do let me know if they ship in together with iPhone apps, because the last I heard was that new iPod Touch bought after certain date (can’t remember what date) will be shipped together with iPhone apps in it.

    Cheers. =)

  22. Avraam said,

    Thanks You had the best instructions of all they were clear and as fast as possible Thanks Again.

  23. dermapthera said,

    Hi Avraam

    You’re most welcomed!


  24. Avraam said,

    Thnx A lot

  25. Shadow said,

    i downgraded from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 and it worked with no problems! thnx alot!

  26. Harli said,

    I tried to do a force recovery and when i did it kept trying to update too, but it kept saying that my connection had been reset and upgrade could not be completed.
    Heres the thing i need to reset my ipod because it got stolen and the person that stole it changed my passcode before they gave it back. so if you could help me that would be awesome.

  27. dermapthera said,

    Hi Harli

    Just tell me the truth… Are you sure your iPod is stolen and it’s not the other way around?

    Ok jokes aside, I think you can reset the iPod Touch by restoring it (can’t confirm, because I don’t use the passcode anyway). I read in some forums that it’s the only way to reset your passcode. You’ll lose all the data in it though.

    You should do a manual restore. If you kept downloading the update, just ignore it (click don’t download or something like that) and do a manual restore instead.

    Read: How to: Force Restore your screwed iPod Touch

    Hope that helps.


  28. Harli said,

    thanks alot!

  29. Cutie Girlie said,

    Hey the link for the firmware 1.1.2 dont work for me do you know any other sites I could find it on, I googled it but so far nada….
    plz help

  30. dermapthera said,

    Hi Cutie Girlie

    Thanks for letting me know of the broken link. It was a typo error on my side. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Let me know if it’s working. I’ve tested the updated link 3 times and it’s downloading correctly.

    If you still can’t get it to load, try pressing CTRL+F5 on your keyboard. It should refresh the page.

    Let me know if it still doesn’t work.

    Read: iPod Touch and iPhone Firmware links


  31. Chris said,

    Everything goes fine until the upgrade to 1.1.2 step. I need the SSH option, so stopping there is not an option (unless there is a way to get it on 1.1.1).

    When I go to update to 1.1.2, the iPod goes into recovery mode, and will not update. I get the error 1602. I have tried reinstalling iTunes (using the link provided)and redownloading the software. I have tried many times and it has failed.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, whether from you or another person.

  32. thebob said,

    Well…heres my issue.
    I figured out the whole DG and JB thing by myself. But my problem is this, when I plug in my iPod to y Macbook Pro, iTunes 7.5 doesnt recognize it,in fact it doesnt even think it exists. no dialog boxes and it doesnt mount. I;m going to go tr on my PC downstairs, i hope that might help

  33. Chris said,

    Never mind my post on SSH stuff. Figured it out. Just didn’t look hard enough in the installer.

    Thanks for an awesome how-to on this πŸ˜€

  34. Lex said,

    Hey Dermapthera i downgraded my ipod touch to the 1.1.1 but… i dont have wifi… is there any way to jailbreak the ipod touch without a wifi connection… or do u know of any kinda steps to or any links to help me out in my situation… thanks

  35. thebob said,

    NVM, found out the hard way that I had o meny preference files fr my own good.

  36. dermapthera said,

    @ Lex

    There is a way to jailbreak without wifi. But it’s really troublesome. I strongly suggest you visit a local hotspot, spend a few minutes, prior to jailbreaking. You’ll need wifi to download other files too, which aren’t available easily on the internet. Yes you can look into the repo file and get the files, but the settings will not be correct and you’ll bound to run into unexpected problems.

    Sorry if I’m not being of any help to you.


  37. Lex said,

    its ok i understand what ur sayin…. but after i go to a hotspot…. i got to jailbreakme.com right?… but after that i just go to Install tab. then look for Tweaks 1.1.1. Tap it.then i look for OktoPrep and install it… thats all i’d have to do? or is there anything else i’d need to install, while being at that hotspot?

  38. Lex said,

    oh yah and dude ur an awesome guitarist by the way

  39. dermapthera said,

    Hi Lex

    Yes. While you’re at the hotspot do these.

    (I’m assuming you’re at 1.1.1, and planning to update to 1.1.2)

    – jailbreak via “jailbreakme.com”
    – install “OktoPrep” via “Tweaks 1.1.1 category”

    Now you can go home, and download “1.1.2 Jailbreak Files”. Run “windows.bat”.

    Make sure you check the “Install SSH” button. Hit “Jailbreak!” button.

    Wait for the thing to finish.

    Your iPod Touch should restart 2-3 times. This is normal.

    Now you probably need to go back to the hotspot to download more things. Look for “Part 5: Essential downloads” in my post.

    And while you’re still at it, why not download every single thing you can! πŸ˜›

    For a list of sources, try this site:

    They have a lot of sources for you to add. However, using these sources ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK, so make sure you do your necessary research before trying an application you’ve never seen before.

    And I’m just a below average guitarist. πŸ™‚


  40. Lex said,

    Thanks man this has been really helpfull… and ill let u kno how it turns out as soon as i get it all downloaded and workin… thanks again Used πŸ™‚

  41. dermapthera said,

    Ok dude.

    Will be waiting to hear from you. Can always ask me if you need anything.

    Maybe you interested in using 1.1.3 jailbroken?

  42. Lex said,

    alright dude… i kinda have a problem… i went to my friends house who has a wifi conection but… when i tried to install the “app installer” it said i was runnin an improper firmware v. 1.1 and i needed 1.1.1 the thing is i restored my ipod to the apparent “1.1.1” but it didnt work as planed obviously… is there any way u could help meh out on a 1.1.1 firmware download cause i guess i got the wrong thing…
    thanks man


  43. dermapthera said,

    Hi Lex

    There’s no way the download can be wrong. Check via your iPod.

    Go to settings, and look for about (i think it’s under general, can’t compare with mine because mine has been modified).

    Anyway, once you’ve confirmed to be running 1.1.1, which you should, go to jailbreakme.com and install AppSnapp.

    This is the first time I’ve heard that AppSnapp is not working. If you can see the link, it’s definitely working.

    Try again, or try restoring to 1.1.1 again.

    Hope that helps.


  44. Derek said,

    when i got to down grade my ipod for 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 it says ipod could not be updated error 1602?

  45. justin visconti said,

    ok so i have one little issue if anyone knows the answer i have the 16gig ipod touch i just was able to do the hack everything worked but i no longer have the weather thing mail and all that like i did before how do i get those back on ?

  46. Lex said,

    ok i restored it for the 4th time and it still pops up under the general info as “ver. 1.1 (3A101a)” but thats waht it keeps tellin me bro… but i onno… any ideas of wat that is?


  47. dermapthera said,

    @ Lex

    Checking the links…
    All links OK!

    Checking my tutorial…
    All seems fine…

    Thinking about your problem…
    *scratching head*

    Just a question… is it 3A101a or 3A110a? I hope it’s a typo error on your end.

    Anyway… Once it’s on firmware 1.1.1, you can’t jailbreak via jailbreakme, is that what you’re trying to say?

    I’ll get back to you as soon as possible bro. Check back in 12 hours or so… (I need my sleep too man! It’s 4am here in Singapore πŸ˜› )

    Hang on ok! I’ll definitely get back to you ASAP!

    But if you managed to get the answer by then, then please let me know what’s the error.



    Compare your firmware with this screenshot. Is it the same?

    I think I found out your problem! It’s a WRONG FIRMWARE. Get the correct firmware. I thought it was a typo error, but there is another firmware (version 1.1, 3A101a) and it’s WAY different from the firmware (version 1.1.1, 3A110a).

    Just for you, here’s the link.

    The file is iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw, and it’s 150 MB (157,906,686 bytes).

    Please do not confuse with the wrong firmware!

    Since your device is already on 1.1, just perform a SHIFT-Click Update will do. No need to Restore. If you want to Restore should be fine too.


    P.S: I’m confident this should work perfectly now.

  48. dermapthera said,

    @ justin visconti

    Just to clarify, you using iPod Touch right?

    Because those apps are iPhone apps. And if you downgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1, they will be removed because you performed a reset.

    You can still get back those apps if you know where to find. I can help you find it if you want, but I lost the link now. Let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll post back to you ASAP.



    I found the iPhone applications.

    Follow the instructions from that site. I suggest only take what you need. Use iphonebrowser or iBrickr to upload the files into your iPod. Or you can use SFTP, SSH, or whatever transfering programs you might be using.

    Read: iPod Touch & iPhone Applications!

  49. dermapthera said,

    @ Derek

    Try doing a DFU mode prior to restoring.

    I’m not sure what is that error though.

    Read: How to: Make your iPod Touch in DFU Mode



    I checked with other sites, it seems that you’re using a wrong iTunes?

    I’m not sure, but this is the suggested solution.

    1: Uninstall (remove) iTunes from your computer
    2: Restart computer
    3: Install iTunes 7.5 or greater.
    4: Restart computer
    5: Try downgrading again. For better results, try restoring in DFU mode.


  50. justin visconti said,

    itouch 16g ok so how do i add the programs a simply explanation will be suff…. thanks for all the help

  51. justin visconti said,

    edit….. i tried as far as i got is to jailbreak the 1.1.1 version after downgrade from 1.1.3 i tried reading up on it but still could not figure out how to get those apps on and did you upgrade to the 1.1.2 and if so what difference is there if any?

  52. dermapthera said,

    @ justin visconti

    I’m terribly sorry but I think I completely misunderstand your situation.

    Are you trying to jailbreak 1.1.1/1.1.2 because you wanted the $20 apps on it? Please clarify on that.

    However, as for now, I’m going to assume that you are INDEED interested in having those applications on.

    Give me a few hours and I’ll write a full post on how to manually put those programs alright?

    It’s a bit lengthy and complicated, but I will write this post, just for you.

    Please be a little patient alright?



    Here’s the post I promised.

    Hope it helps.

    Read: How to: Put iPhone apps into iPod Touch

  53. Lex said,

    yah i was confused by it too and i was wondering wat it was but u figured it out…
    thanks man ive been offline for a day or so updatin my 360 but… im downloadin the link u gave meh and imma try it in a few and im confident that ur link will work over mine… but as soon as i get it installed ill let u know if it works dude alright..
    thanks alot bro.


  54. Lex said,

    ok I reinstalled the firmware u gave meh and it installed it properly and its running on 1.1.1 now thanks alot bro…. now time for meh to get back to the hot spot and jailbreak the little son of a bitch… heh well ill let u know how that goes once i get it workin… thanks again bro, you’ve been a big help with this crazy shit….
    ill hit u up later man


  55. dermapthera said,

    Hi Lex

    I hope it turns out fine for you.

    Good luck!


  56. justin visconti said,

    ok so i was able to jailbreak 1.1.1 but my computer was unable to jailbreak 1.1.2 firmware i ran the windows ran the jailbrake.jar files / windows.bat but my ipod touch could not be found. i was able to get the apps on the jailbroken 1.1.1 but i cant get the mail to work right it is unable to connect to the server and i dont have any options with it to change server or pop addresses

  57. justin visconti said,

    so i am not sure if anyone else is having this problem grrrr windows xp, 5mg wireless stuck in the jailbrake 1.1.2 becuase my ipod could not be found

  58. justin visconti said,

    ok guys i did it and broke it update error on my part is there a download though for the mail??????? for the itouch if so link?

  59. dermapthera said,

    Hi justin visconti

    Did you successfully jailbreak 1.1.2? Or something else? If you’ve already jailbroken 1.1.2, I suggest going on to jailbreak 1.1.3, and then you can grab the $20 apps.

    In some sources, they will be listed as “iPod Soft Upgrade”. Look for that. Then I think there are some mail fixes and maps patch. Then it will work.

    Sorry if I’ve not been of any help this time.

    I’ll try to look into it further.


  60. Sarah Javier said,

    Thanks for this article. This is really good and helped me a lot.

    Thanks again.


  61. Eddie said,

    Hey Man,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to help us all out!

    Following your instructions i have managed to jail break my ipod touch to 1.1.2. However, i have not been able to install BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH. My ultimate goal is to get my PC to recognize the ipod touch as an external hard disk so i may add files and get the emulators to run??

    Any advice?

  62. alex said,

    there is no tweaks 1.1.1 in installer after i installed appsnapp, what happened?

  63. alex said,

    and i re-jailbroke it a lot of times now

  64. alex said,

    this is the 3rd iPod touch I am jailbreaking and this did not happen before … Someone help asap

  65. dermapthera said,

    Hi alex

    The tweaks was removed (sorry I haven’t reflect that on this post) because AppSnapp have been updated to automatically OktoPrep-ed so that it can be upgraded to 1.1.2 without tweaking.


  66. Neto said,

    alright its 1.1.2 now, but where is that windows.bat thing? when i click on the 1.1.2 download it opens itunes theres folder in there, where do i find that foldeR?

  67. Neto said,

    wait sorry never i got that but now when i go “jailbreak” it tells me

    “the utility can only be used if you already have run OKtoprep before updating to 1.1.2”

    what does that mean?

  68. rickayy said,

    yay dude i did it =)
    thanks a lot,
    btw where do i get like the weather and other programs thats on top of site in that pic of your ipod, whats the name of it called?

  69. dermapthera said,

    Hi rickayy

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply here, but if you want iPhone apps, you’ll need to manually install them.

    A good source to add is:
    – ipodtouchmaster.com/files/repo.xml (only for 1.1.3!)

    Or you can manually add them (for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2)

    For mail, you need to fix the password error. The fix can be found in ipodtouchmaster’s repo.

    If you got any questions, feel free to ask me, I’ll gladly help.

    Good luck! =)

  70. dermapthera said,


    You’ll need to re-jailbreak your iPod Touch in 1.1.1 via http://jailbreakme.com (on your iPod’s Safari). Jailbreakme.com has updated it’s AppSnapp installation to include OktoPrep, which will allow you to upgrade to 1.1.2 jailbroken.

    Please read this post again, I have shown you what files you need for this jailbreak process.


  71. XTIZ3 said,

    I’m having a little problem. I followed your guide a few days back. worked perfectly fine.I tried upgrading to 1.1.3 jailbreak and it would crash.I recovered back to 1.1.1 , installed appsnap, then upgraded to 1.1.2.For whatever reason, when i try to jailbreak, it says “This utility can only be used if you have already run Oktoprep before upgrading to 1.1.2”. Any solutions?

  72. dermapthera said,

    Hi XTIZ3

    It seems that AppSnapp is not doing what it says. You’ll need to manually get the OktoPrep from another source.

    It’s here: http://hackthatphone.com/1.xml

    You will find a new category called “Hack That Phone”, and inside you’ll find the OktoPrep.

    Install this first, before upgrading to 1.1.2.

    Sorry for the misleading information. I’m going to reflect on that now.


  73. XTIZ3 said,

    erm, it still does not seem to work.

  74. XTIZ3 said,

    The same thing is happening…

  75. XTIZ3 said,

  76. dermapthera said,


    Then I assume you’re running iTunes 7.6? I have heard that iTunes 7.6 breaks changes made by OktoPrep, hence preventing you from upgrading to 1.1.2.

    If that happens, try to completely remove iTunes. Then install iTunes 7.5.

    Here’s the breakdown of steps:
    – Start with clean 1.1.1 unjailbroken. DO NOT SYNC YOUR SETTINGS. Just make it a new device.
    – Jailbreak via Jailbreakme.com
    – OktoPrep (I’ve reflected the new post on where to find OktoPrep)
    – Upgrade 1.1.2

    That’s about it!

    If this still fails, I’m really not sure what’s wrong with it though. I’ve exhausted my knowledge up to this point.

    If you figured a fix for this, let me know.


  77. dermapthera said,

    My bad, from your picture, it does looked like it’s iTunes 7.5.


    This is getting harder than I thought.

  78. dermapthera said,

    Just give it a try, make sure you OktoPrep first. Try the new source I suggested in my post.


  79. XTIZ3 said,

    wow, it just keeps getting screwed up…

  80. XTIZ3 said,

    wow, I’m extremely sorry for troubling you. While reading through your guide, I noticed something that i wasn’t doing. I didn’t check back to it because i figured that i knew what I was doing. I was wrong.When upgrading to 1.1.2, I was shift-clicking “recovery” instead of “Update”

  81. XTIZ3 said,

    regardless, i do think you will have to download the OktoPrep from that source.

  82. XTIZ3 said,

    Yeah, i got it.

  83. dermapthera said,

    I hope you got it right.

    I know my post is a bit jumbled, but try to read through as much as possible.

  84. XTIZ3 said,

    Yeah, i got it right. Managed to find a stable 1.1.3 jailbreak. takes an hour or so to do, but it doesn’t crash at all.

  85. Huynh said,

    i uhh tried downloading oktoprep from the hackthatphone file, i put the source in and when i download oktoprep it says, package download failed. I tried a few other programs and they seemed to download fine.

  86. Huynh said,

    Oh nvm, i found out how to get Tweaks 1.1.1 folder with oktoprep in it, all i did was install some sources from the source folder, hopes this helps some people in some way.

  87. joshua said,

    hey when I did jailbreak and added some sources are they supposed to be uncategorized and some app. dont seem to be present…HELP!!

  88. dermapthera said,

    Hi joshua

    Sources becomes uncategorized because the xml file does not have a header, hence it becomes uncategorized. Just ignore that.

    Some apps not present? Name me some. I’d like to know what are the apps that went “missing”.


  89. Alamopod said,

    Hey guys, was wondering, how do you do the jailbreak?
    I tried like a gazilion times, i still can get it to jailbreak. I am back at 1.1.1.
    The safari closes but no installation for hours. Or the safari just hangs and closes by itself. How do i fix this?

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