Favourite 3rd party app

January 12, 2008 at 3:03 am (iPhone, iPod Touch, Personal) (, )

iSolitaire Screencap

I’ve been meddling with my iPod Touch lately, and I keep using the same programs over and over again.

And my favourite app is definitely iSolitaire, one of the most simplest of it’s kind. The game runs just like the one I always play on my Windows XP.

Now I no longer suffer the boredom of sending my girlfriend home. 🙂



  1. Janet Tokerud said,

    Hey- I like the native app factor and the better scoring but have to say that even though I have iSolitaire installed on my iPod touch, I prefer iphone-solitaire.com because when you move a card, it flips up the next card. It also doesn’t require dragging which is perhaps cooler looking, but tap tap is less work. What I want is to keep track of all my solitaire games and see if I am improving. iphone-solitaire.com doesn’t do that. Hoping for iSolitaire to up the ante a bit and take a cue from iphone-solitaire.com or vice versa.

  2. dermapthera said,

    Hi! And welcome.

    I have taken note of that site. But that’s a web app, something you can play while online.

    The thing is, if I’m travelling to and fro, I don’t have wifi connection at my fingertips. I have to run to the nearest hotspot (like mcdonalds or starbucks) to be able to run the web apps.

    To be honest, the iphone-solitaire is cool, but still it lacks the “solitaire touch”. iSolitaire on the other hand, plays like the one on my Windows XP, something I am pleased about.

    If you feel that the iSolitaire should make some improvement, why not drop a thank you message to the developer, while giving him some feedbacks. These kind of requirements are sometime overlooked, or maybe they just couldn’t do it in time.

    Just wait for future updates and we’ll might see a new version with lots more improvements made.


  3. kadian215 said,

    hey you need to give taptap revolution and guitar here hero 3 mod its awsome awesome you can play it with your own songs

  4. dermapthera said,

    Hi kadian215

    Yeah I’ve heard of that, sounds cool. Have yet to try. Maybe I’ll try one soon.

    Thanks for the recommendation!


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