Keeping touch with iPhone/iPod Touch news

January 12, 2008 at 2:57 am (iPhone, iPod Touch, Personal)

I keep reading about iPhone/iPod Touches updates just to keep track of what’s happening. I got a great feeling that whoever uses a OTB (off the box) iPhone/iPod Touch of version 1.1.2 and below will be in great luck.

It will be like the case of PSP. Years ago, when PSP was still in it’s prime, every single PSP fanboy wanted to get a version 1.5 PSP. Think about it, this version is so hard to come by that modders sell their version 1.5 PSP at a higher price. Until, someone kind enough to show how to hack the PSP and downgrade it successfully.

By the look of this, if future iPod software prevents downgrading to a lower version, then 1.1.2 and below versions will be the most sought after products.

I’m so lucky that I didn’t sell off my iPod Touch as intended in the first place. Now I’m beginning to love the 3rd party apps.

C’mon Apple, give these people a chance to prove their skills and abilities. The fact that 3rd party apps are made possible is because of a strong community who help each other and share ideas. And these developers are freelancers, all they get is “thanks”.

I really hope there will be future possible jailbreaking attempts to the newer versions. Just like PSP.


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