Non-jailbroken iPhone gets warranty void because of custom ringtones

January 12, 2008 at 2:46 am (Hot Stuff, iPhone, Technical Stuffs) (, )

This article is one hell of a funny way to void your warranty.

How can a custom ringtone, void the warranty of the product?

Come on, in the programmer’s point of view, a hardware failure doesn’t usually connects with a software background. Especially, if it’s 2 different things.

How can the SIM card, and the ringtone fall under the same category? What if you get the same problem when using it “legally”? Will that void the warranty as well? Because the cause of the problem is determined such that the product have been tampered with, and it is not a default failure.

Apple also make it difficult to compromise their customer’s pleas? Such a slight problem and you won’t give in?

I find this ridiculous. Just because someone uses a workaround to get his custom ringtone, doesn’t mean it affects the hardware. NEVER! Unless, it affects the dock connector, then maybe I’ll believe Apple story for the device being tampered with, and as such will not be covered by the warranty.

Hence, the ultimate message is: always restore your iPhone/iPod Touch using the force restore mode before sending the faulty device to an Apple representative for maintenance or repairs.



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