Production cost for Sony PlayStation 3 is reduced by half

January 13, 2008 at 5:22 am (Hot Stuff, Technical Stuffs) ()

Source: Engadget

If this turns out to be true, I am definitely getting my PS3 in the last quater of this year. This will definitely be a great bargain, since PS3 is getting WAYYYY too costly now.

People are still judging the PS3 with the XBox 360 with it’s price. If PS3 do really manage to reduce the price tag by half, I’m sure all the Sony fanboy who’d get their first PS3 will be furious.

And 50% is a lot. Here, new set of 60GB Sony PS3 cost about S$800, and the price are not reducing one bit. If it’s reduced by 50%, that would mean it would cost for S$400! And that’s a great deal.

But my take is that retailers here will definitely use this as their advantage.

But imagine this: if Sony already reduce the price, and they still sell at $800 just for that few days, they’re making a quick buck! But that’s dishonesty! And they will use stupid pick up lines like “Look now it cost $800 but if you buy now, I’ll give you a ridiculous offer of $500!”. Still, they make a quick buck out of it.

The power of lying = more money.


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