Instant money!

January 19, 2008 at 3:53 am (Personal) ()

Ok this has NOTHING to do with real money.

It’s a online music game I’ve been playing for the past few years. I was introduced to this addictive game during my poly days, and I’ve been playing with it until now.

Just today, I went to check my account. And this shows up in my news.

03:17 : well done! you have won £88,240,095 in the lottery!

All I did was just religiously buy some lottery tickets, which will be available on every Thursday. I have not won big money as this much before in my entire gameplay. The most I’ve ever gotten before was £5m, but this was £88m???

Is this for real or what.

But here comes another threat. Despite having all that much money, tax comes into play. And now I owe this much tax by the next update.

you are liable to pay £47,979,319 in taxes on these earnings

And that’s almost 50% of the earnings.

So now I need to dodge from incurring the tax. I have to spend the money elsewhere. I think I’ll buy that “Trip to the moon – £40,000,000″ item on sale. That will definitely lessen my tax.

I just did my shopping, and I spent a total of £57,717,020 just buying items from the shop.

And I made a £5,584,993 donation too!

So now my tax has greatly reduced.

you are liable to pay £9,998,112 in taxes on these earnings

Why must my hard earned money goes to waste into tax. Dammit.

I still recording contracts I haven’t accepted yet. If I accept that now, I’m liable for tax, which will go to waste, again.

For now, those contracts have to wait. 🙂

For those who played projectrockstar, do hook me up. My manager name is Diabolic Disease.



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