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Read: CES 2008 Video: eJamming online live jam sessions software

Last time, I was proposing this project idea as my ITEN (IT Entrepreneurship) module back in my poly days. It was called Zicmu (it’s supposed to be opposite of music). But my team’s proposal was so bad, we almost failed for the module.

Maybe I lack the “entrepreneur” blood in me.

This eJamming thingy is exactly the same as my proposal; using internet as a medium for jamming session across the globe. I can’t make a claim now, because my unsupportive lecturer said that “this project will never make money in real life”. If I have the chance to meet him again, I’ll definitely say “fuck you it’s already been done” because now I see a living proof. Even if I don’t make money, I still want to make a music community. It’s also cheaper to pay $10 per month, than the cost of travelling.

I was telling my team members that I wanted to create an application that allows musicians to connect to one another using the internet. The scheme was simple because of successes of voice messaging (via MSN) that drives my inspiration. I thought that in this way, people can connect to each other no matter where they are across the globe. My team members were very reluctant to the idea because they think that it’s utter rubbish. By my ideals were very simple, music is universal.

But my lecturers think that this kind of application will never sell. Today, I just witnessed that every subscription is $10 (their currency) per user, per month. The way I see it, it’s still earning money because the cost of maintaining the server, is not that expensive. The amount of unique visitors is very promising.

But I guess, it’s all over. Thanks to the stupidity of my lecturers. They don’t deserve to be a lecturer if they can’t even motivate their students to explore more on something they believe is possible.

I could have be that young Singapore entrepreneur.

Damn I hate schooling.



  1. teeshah said,

    yeah, i hate my poly lecturers too. they’re very good at demoralizing people. they only love u if you’re very clever. the struggling ones… no way. fucker. i mean, if they have this kind of attitude, i rather send my kids elsewhere. poly suck in instilling confidence in students. period.

  2. dermapthera said,


    If only I could turn back time. I will definitely showcase this project to the world.

    But too bad, someone else have done it. I suck.

  3. teeshah said,

    I miss you baby. i’ll be calling u soon!

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