How to: Make your iPod Touch in DFU Mode

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  1. phil said,

    for some reason my ipod doesnt start up again when i let go of the power button and keep on holding on the home button

  2. dermapthera said,

    Hi phil

    Does it look like it’s blank?

    Try connecting at iTunes and see if it detects it. If it is you can perform a restore on it.

    If all fails, I’m terribly sorry because I don’t know what your problem is.

    Give it a try, then let me know.


  3. dermapthera said,

    Oh btw, I’ve added a new variation to the method. Let me know if that’s easier to perform.

  4. Derek said,

    when i do it it goes through but when it restors it restores to 1.1.2 again

  5. dermapthera said,

    Hi Derek

    You perform the DFU mode on your iPod Touch prior to downgrading. If you have chosen 1.1.2, it will restore to 1.1.2. If you have chosen 1.1.1, it will restore to 1.1.1. It really depends on what firmware you want to restore to, so please choose the right firmware.

    I realised that iTunes 7.5 or better is required. However, there are reports on problems pertaining to iTunes 7.6. I’m not sure, but I’ll try to digg on that.

    So Derek, please ensure you are downloading the right firmware version.

    Read: iPod Touch and iPhone Firmware links

    I hope this clarifies your problem.

    Just hit me back if you have any other questions.


  6. ryan said,


    i think this is easiest way to downgrade my touch(have’nt try it yet)….

    by the way…tnx so much!!

  7. ryan said,

    i have a question…

    is the DFU Mode – The bubble method (Windows ONLY! Alternative method) works proprly??

    reply ASAP and SOS…lol


  8. dermapthera said,

    Hi ryan

    That tip was submitted by another reader. He suggested it was easiest to note.

    However, it might not be as “perfect” as it could be.

    I figured another method though. You may want to try iphuc method, or ZiPhone method. Either way, you will get to DFU mode without any countings.

    I will reflect that on the post.


  9. CHOUT said,

    OK..I have the golden method. Worked perfectly on my 16GB yesterday following other sites on the web but my GF’s 8GB…not a chance. I tried using the DFU Mode – The sound method (Windows ONLY! Alternative method) but I find this still does not work as I keep getting the Error (1) issue. So while the iPud is blank, remove the USB from the PC and reconnect it. The iPud will stay off but NOW you can downgrade without any errors or problems. Mine just popped up as 1.1.1 while I was typing this. ZiPhone 2.4 is a sweet program but does not like Touches. They say it works on the 8GB but after 7 attempts..I gave up. This method may take a while but it works like a charm. Hope this helps some of you! Cheers

  10. dermapthera said,

    Hi CHOUT

    Are you suggesting that ZiPhone will not work? If that’s true, I will remove the method from my post.

    Thanks for the valuable tip.


  11. CHOUT said,

    Yeah the ZiPhone is meant and created with the iPhone in mind. It just so happens that someone with a 8GB Touch managed to luck out and get it to work. It is hit and miss and a total headache to get it to work. The classic method might be 3 times as long but it is still solid. Wait until the ZiPhone is made with the Touch support integrated 1st. Cheers once again for your site man, it has helped with the 8GB issues. =)

  12. dermapthera said,

    Thanks CHOUT for that. I have reflected the notice in my post to prevent further misunderstanding.


  13. ryan said,

    Thank you so much..

    This method works..

    DFU Mode – The sound method (Windows ONLY! Alternative method)

    Who wants a jailbreak 1.1.3 firmware for just 1 minute??

    watch this video:)

    It’s very helpful..

    Ziphone dermaphtera really rockszz and more

    power to you guys:)

  14. baz said,

    I can’t get it into DFU mode any way you can explain it better? it just stays on the “slide to turn off” doesnt reset…

  15. dermapthera said,

    You didn’t press the Home button.

    Press the Home button properly. Common mistake is that the Home button was pressed too lightly (or it wasn’t pressed at all). Like mine, I had to press slightly harder.

    Trust me, it should work. If you managed to get passed the “reset”, then follow the rest of my instructions in this post.


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