February 2, 2008 at 7:06 pm (Personal)

I’m feeling rather lethargic nowadays.

I want to keep my site alive as much as possible. But it seems that I can’t keep up on my own. This is a one-man show if you asked me. I have to do all the reseach, testing, documentation, experimenting, debugging, hacking, cracking, installing, downgrading, and the list goes on.

Yes all technical related topics written here are run alone by me.

I am looking for contributors. If you’re interested, you will need a WordPress account. Then drop me an email (via the contact link) and I’ll add you as a contributor. The more the merrier though.

Though if you ask me, there is really no incentives for doing that. However, it will make a better discussion page compared to forums/other sites.

I hope there are some souls that will consider.

Good day to all of you.


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