How to recognise a good programmer

February 14, 2008 at 10:44 pm (How to)

ProgrammerThis dude wrote an interesting article.

I’m a programmer myself, and I have to agree with what he’s saying. Most of it though.

It’s a good learning experience for me.

He outline the differences between a good programmer, and a claimed-to-be-good programmer. This is vital for people who have no programming background, and wanting to hire good programmers to boost their company.

Read: How to recognise a good programmer

Img source: Web Developer Gives Toddler Access to Sandbox



  1. DC Global said,

    ohhzz.. too many comments out there. I am a beginner programmer and difficult for me to enhance my programming skills coz what I am doing now is not line in programming…

    The article is really nice, of course i can relate. It is very important to businessmen who wants to find a good programmer for them.

  2. dermapthera said,

    Hi DC Global

    Yeah I’m a programmer too, and I find it hard not to try to keep in the programming line. I might lose the edge.

    Even right now, as long as I don’t stick to programming in the long run, I will not be able to pick up new skills and technologies that’s been running around.


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