Dolphins are cute…. but not in some countries

February 15, 2008 at 5:52 pm (From the News)

dolphins2.jpgAt first I was against the killing of dolphins in Japan.

But when I think about it, I saw Japan as the victim and US as the bully. Why? If the richest can kill thousands of salmons every year for their eggs and everyone seems to be fine with it, why can’t the Japanese keep their dolphins as a delicacy?

Dolphins are not on the endangered species list. So why worry? Because humans have an emotional attachment to the dolphins?

dermapthera’s note: It’s because, we grow up watching dolphins in the zoo, entertaining people. And, we watched too much Free Willy (although, that’s a Killer Whale, doesn’t have any resemblance to this at all…)



  1. dermapthera said,

    How can you compare a dolphin with a salmon? It’s a totally different story…

  2. teeshah said,

    what’s the difference? both are part of the fish species and both are for human consumption. if you want to that is. just because you can’t stomach it, don’t make it an excuse to stop someone else from enjoying it. just like durian. some people don’t like it. and yet they can eat rotten cheese. rotten cheese over durian that smells just as rotten but not rotten like a rotten cheese. it’s just how you were brought up in a society. some see eating durian as a taboo and some don’t.

  3. dermapthera said,

    It’s not about eating.

    It’s about the fish itself. It’s too different though.

    The way they reproduce is different. The way they mate is different.

    Cheese and durian can’t be used to compare at all! Hahahaha! It’s TWO different things! (Cheese, from milk, and durian? A fruit!!!)

    Well, until dolphins are endangered, there’s no way people are going to stop hunting them at all. That’s just human.

  4. teeshah said,

    ok. how about this example then…

    i found out the Alaskan are allowed to hunt whales. and whales reproduces just like dolphins. so until they stop killing whales, then can then force Japanese to do the same.

  5. dermapthera said,

    Well, good luck trying to force them.

    How I wished small things like this can affect the future. Well, I do know the difference between endangered and extinct, and I don’t want to see another animal get extinct.

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