Proposed demo CD cover

February 16, 2008 at 4:25 am (Dermapthera)

Hi guys!

I was bored this morning, so I decided to do some designing on the CD cover I thought would be cool that fits our band.

So, I had visualized designs that have a rose in it, some pentagram, and some tribal fonts…

And viola! The finished product!

I designed this from various fonts and tribal designs I gathered online. Of course, I wouldn’t use anything that aren’t free, so if they’re copyrighted stuff, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

I’m against copyright shit, so I hope to see cooperation here.

Anyway, here’s the proposed design. Let me know what you think. I might be changing this in the future. I’m open to critism, as long as it’s constructive.

Let’s take a look shall we?

Note: I want that rose. You can tell me to change anything, but the rose gotta stay there. Any designs ideas can also let me know. I still want that rose! Now I don’t care about the rose. Inspired by Gaara the Desert of Naruto, I prefer Kanji characters. I chose “Love” as the character for one of the designs. Yeah I’m a Naruto fan, specifically Gaara fan, and I love that character. 🙂


P.S: This list will probably go on and on, until I find the suitable design. So, the progress will be reflected here. I want feedbacks so that I can improve on the design. Cheers!


I own the rights to all images posted in this post, unless otherwise stated. If I see any designs being released using MY design, you’re in for it. I know law, and so should you. Be careful for what you wished for. Cheers!

Design #1

This is my FIRST design, so it’s super plain, no fancy designs, no fancy effects.

Dermapthera CD Cover


Design #2

Changed the “star” design.



Design #3

Added a BIG rose behind. If you can see it.



Design #4

Distorted the BIG rose, just some effects.



Design #5

Trying out to replace the rose with another thing, because the BIG rose is already there.

Kanji character: Love



Design #6

I’m leaving you guys to guess what design is this.

[image removed due to copyright]


Design #7

Just another one, without the small rose.



Design #8

Our vocalist’s first main idea of the design. 2 rules: Clean and simple.



Design #9

Design #6 with flowers. I’ve a fetish for flowers I think…

[image removed due to copyright]


Design #10

First attempt to use a background image, and get out of the “black” background.



Design #11

Also another background, with the normal things (like “star”, BIG rose, kanji etc)



Design #12

Ok guys, this one is a revamped and out-of-the-box thinking. Font-type used is re-designed. The “star” was also redesigned. Though the star’s angle is not so clear, but it’s slightly different.

Album title inspired by our vocalist, Ace. Kanji character: God



Design #13

Due to overwhelming response for the “alley” design, I tried something else. This one has a “zoom in” effect, and it should be more appealing than the original version. Well comments are still greatly appreciated!



Design #14

Well, yeah another one. With no fancy arts. Just a background. I’m beginning to hate those flowers, pentagrams, etc… Maybe it’s just me

Album name is random, just to show where the album name should be placed.

Editor’s note: Shit I forgot to add the “parental advisory” tag… So I guess if this album came out, it should be clean. 😛



Design #15

Yet another “clean” attempt. This time, with the phoenix (if you haven’t figured it out in the first place… hehe). A closer look at the phoenix reveals a “boxed” effect. Only if you look close enough…

Album name is random, just to show the where the album name should be placed.

[image removed due to copyright]


Design #16

My first time using Photoshop! (FYI, all these while all images were created and edited using Macromedia Fireworks MX) I know you won’t believe me anyway…



Design #17

The darker version of Design #16.



Design #18

Image courtesy of my brother.




  1. teeshah said,

    ok its between design 4 and 6. but im going towards 4 more.

  2. dermapthera said,


    More to come!

  3. dermapthera said,

    How about…

    The 4th design, with the “Love” Kanji character… Would it be better?

  4. dermapthera said,

    Ok done! Check it out! #7

    I have to think out of the box soon… My designs are mostly stuck at “that”…

  5. teeshah said,

    #7 is much better.. but i would like to see a brighter grey backgrd or brighter kanji character.

  6. leevalera said,

    cool…i like 3 n 6…coz simple n nice n save duit..ahakz!!

  7. dermapthera said,

    updated 8,9 and 10! more coming!

  8. fizzy said,

    no 4, 7 and 11. bro, no 11 if u take out he flower would be nicer.

  9. dermapthera said,

    Number 11 got no flower? Or you mean the BIG flower? Ok I’ll post another one…

  10. dermapthera said,

    sooner or later i have to watermark the images here… hmmm…

  11. Hafiz - Lost in Slumber said,

    Hey dude, i think it’s between 4, 10 and 12
    It all depends on your genre though.

    4 has a sense of death, blackness *dark* coupled with the rose. It’s sweet 🙂

    12 is super clean and neat, i like it a lot

    10 would be a in between 4 and 12 i guess :O

    Good luck with the band aite 😉

    I’ll be performing for SMU’s Waikiki aka Sports challenge event this 1st March at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. Do come and support aite!

  12. izz said,

    10’s real classy

  13. dermapthera said,


    My vocalist gonna laugh+cry when he heard that #10 got like the most votes! LOL!!!

    Thanks all for the feedbacks!

  14. dermapthera said,

    #14 & #15 up!

    More coming! I think I’m getting the hang of graphic design. I’m beginning to get better at designing. Who says I need Photoshop huh? 😛

  15. dermapthera said,

    When I look back at this… Makes me think like I’ve released 15 albums! Bwahahahaha!!!!

  16. lim said,

    i think #8 & #10 will catch people eye more and wanna to know what kind of music u guys making..#1 & #2 look simple and look like LOVE SONG cd lolz..anyway i like #8 & 10..hope my comments help

  17. momott said,

    I love the kanji symbols, you should keep that going. #’s 8 and 11 are my favorites.

  18. leen said,

    k coming from a band myself #4 is awesome…

  19. dermapthera said,

    Does this page really take long to load? I forgot the fact that I used to surf the net using 56k until Dec last year! So if anyone has page loading problems, let me know.

  20. aupps said,

    #4 is awesome dooods.

  21. dermapthera said,

    New ones! #16 & #17!

  22. momott said,

    Woo first to comment on the new ones! Well they are both cool, and 17 is probably my new favorite. Very dark without being goth and simple enough to change easily. I love it!

  23. dermapthera said,

    Hi momott!

    I really didn’t expect you to be following all my series! I’m so touched…

    Well, if you had any other ideas on what I should do or make, you can let me know. You can direct me to sample arts or other band’s CD covers and I’ll take my best interest to look into it.

    P.S: My gf don’t like the new ones, and I’m just sad… 😦

  24. momott said,

    Well… My all time favorite album cover is pink floyd’s dark side of the moon. Also seether’s disclaimer II is pretty awesome and slayer’s south of heaven is cool but very very goth. Hope this helps you guys! Also what photo editor do you use? Did you have to pay for it?

  25. momott said,

    Wow! Number 18 looks pretty cool. I don’t like the designs around it though.

  26. dermapthera said,

    Well, something inside tells me that I’m not satisfied even after 18 attempts. There’s a certain “lacking” element that needs to be in place. But I can’t seem to figure it out.

    And my band members aren’t helping either! They only think of money, where I think about the future. Why cut cost just to produce one cover?

    I know we won’t be able to sell enough to reach break-even point, but I don’t mind though. Even if I had to use my life savings, why not? The cover will be around for as long as I live, and maybe for until my future grandsons and great-granddaughters.

    I’m not sure what they want, but I’m definitely sure I’m not liking what I’ve done here. I need to be exposed even more to be able to see into greater heights.

  27. Matt said,

    hey,so far,i reall like no, 3 ,13,17,18…for no.3,it is simple and nice,for no. 13,it gives me the look that “thats the pathway to Dermapthera”..for 17,it is very creative and the elements is just right(or perfect) to put the backgroung,pentagam and wording together…for 18 is nothing much but i really like the wording…WOW!!

  28. decaptator said,

    Designs with the pentagram-like polygon, looked very much like from Slipknot’s logo used in Subliminal Verses era.

    Design #18 looks like Bullet for my Valentine’s logo.

    Covers are nice though i’d prefer much more originality because that will pretty much reflects your band.

  29. dermapthera said,

    Hi decaptator

    I know the designs look like one another, I’m a bit influenced by them.

    I got the pentagram idea from Slipknot and the “flowery design” from Bullet For My Valentine though.

    But, I wouldn’t blatantly say that I took the idea for that. I was inspired by other band covers like Chimaira and Disturbed, just to name a few.

    Though we are still in the midst of creating an original idea. Thanks for the feedbacks, they are very valuable to us.

    Thanks for viewing!


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