Video Killed The Radio Star

February 22, 2008 at 2:26 pm (YouTube videos)

I was reading one of my favourite blogfeeds, and I stumbled upon this video he posted.

It’s a documentary where they show you that for someone who can’t really sing, technology makes your vocals, nice. In a way. And to those single artists who “seemingly” wrote songs (except Avril Lavigne, I still think she writes her own songs!), they are actually a collaboration of a veteran songwriter, with a young over-spoken superstar.

You’ll start to notice how the original song, and the recorded song has some similarities. Though lyrics are not the same, tunes are. Structures are also the same.

That’s is the main reason why I wanted to go metal. I choose to write my own music. Something I created from the back of my head. I don’t collaborate with veterans. I can write my own song as good as them. And I’m going to prove it.

The model, is REALLY A BAD SINGER! She will never be able to make a live performance without a “fix”. I bet most other singers are like that too. If that’s true, I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THEM ANYMORE. Technology sucks.

Support ORIGINAL MUSICIANS like me! 🙂

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