ask yusry’s girlfriend anything. Hehehehe

March 11, 2008 at 3:51 pm (Announcements!, General, iPod Touch)

When my boyfriend (whose name is Yusri btw) started writing about Ipod Touch, I laughed at him because I think it’s so useless and obsolete. All he did is just comment about the product and write directions already written by IT geeks but in terms even a 13 year old can understand. I even think he is crazy for answering inquiries for free.

At first we were excited when traffic picked up from the usual less than 10 per day. We had readers as far away as Canada, USA, Israel, Middle East, etc! He did not list his blog in any traffic website but it became popular anyway and was even featured on the front page of WordPress.

Then I brought up the idea of turning traffic into money. But he was really against it saying no readers would want to see advertisements. So he used the Donations button instead. Which I think is hopeless because no one would want to donate money! I was being realistic. But he brushed me aside.

I like money, and I am sure Yusri loves it too. So if you like what you see in this blog and is satisfied with the content, please spare a thought at the effort put into answering your inquiries and the painstaking write up of technical entries. So help us by donating!

And btw, further entries about Ipod Touch and other IT stuffs, are now written in this blog:

And if you’re a girl, consider an IT geek for a boyfriend. Most may look like robots, but at least you know your computer and other gadgets are safe in their hands. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You can sleep soundly knowing you’ll have a hero to recover lost documents and a busted computer. And maybe learn a thing or two from him about the gadget you just bought without actually reading the manual. Yusri has served me well for the last 2 years. 😛

That’s all. Hehehehe……


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