Limited Edition Epiphone “Nicke LP Custom”

March 18, 2008 at 7:13 pm (Personal)

Limited Edition Epiphone “Nicke LP Custom”

Until today, I didn’t know what guitar I was playing on. All I know it was a custom epiphone guitar I bought on impulse. 😛

So I did some research. I don’t know where to start, so I thought of using the “skulls and bones” as part of my keyword other than Epiphone.

And this page came up.

Now I realised that it was a custom guitar by a guitarist of “Backyard Babies”. So I though, I want to sample some of their songs and see what they sounded like. Went into my favourite music site,, and searched for it.

Looks like their songs are more of the rock-type music. Can’t really generalize their sound, but it sounded like that. Kinda nice.

The hard true fact is that I wanted to get another epiphone guitar. But by the time I came into the shop, it was not there anymore. 😦 The one below is WAY cheaper than the one I bought (the above guitar)

Limited Edition Special-II “Dr Skull” Guitar

I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for this guitar again. I loved that “skull” design. Just suits my desires. 😛

And I’m also trying to aim for this one too…


BC Rich Mick Thompson Signature




  1. teeshah said,

    I don’t like any of it!!! They all look so plain.

  2. Thor71_bass said,

    Hey I’m looking at buying that guitar you have I found it in a shop and I loved it. And I know where to get that Anarchy skull one you like. Dare I propose a trade?

  3. dermapthera said,


    Unless you’re living in Singapore, I don’t think I am willing for any trades to other countries.

    Anyway, mine is already in a very bad condition. Everything needs to be changed especially the hardwares and the pickups.

    Btw, I am still looking out for the “skull” guitar. Know anywhere I can find it in Singapore?


  4. WThompson said,

    I’ve got the second guitar with the big skull, I really want to sell it. How much do you think it’s worth?
    I’ve used it once, I have the guitar a case and an amp which is a cube 30. Would you have any idea how much I would get for it all together?

  5. dermapthera said,

    Hey dude…

    I really don’t know man. The last time I saw that guitar with the skull was selling at S$450 (Singapore dollars). So if it’s second hand at very good condition, it’ll probably fetch at about S$300 – S$350 (depending on date of purchase).

    As for the cube amp, I’ve really got no idea. Check with your local music store and see how much they’re willing to offer you. E.g. If the guitar cost you S$300 (selling to a shop), add another 25%, and you should be able to sell at S$375 or lower, but no less than S$300. However this is just my guideline, and I don’t really recommend you to follow this idea though it should give you a rough idea how much it should fetch in the public.

    Good luck! If you’re staying in Singapore, I’ll probably try to buy your skull guitar. I just loved the graffitti.


  6. luke said,

    hey guys. just been looking at reviews etc for my new guitar, wich happens to be the epi. LP special II, skull design. how awsome is this axe? i havnt put it down in days! lol. a massive bargain for such quality. peace.

  7. Brad said,

    hey i have the skull guitar and ive had it about 2 years… it plays really well! its kinda hard to upkeep but its worth it. I picked mine up at a local guitar shop; its not a liscensed gibson/epiphone dealer but it had it sitting there it was $350 but i convinced the guy to take it off his hands for $200 (US). my youtube is xguitarroxx99x i have a few videos of me playing on the skull if you wanna hear em? im not all that good but i put my videos up just for fun

  8. dermapthera said,


    I’ll check it out and see how it is. I just hope it’s still around in my country. I fell in love with that the first time I saw it.

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