Long before time, during the times of the jurassic, there came 2 unknown strangers who met during a relentless clash of the titans. Hence, these 2 friends, Used and Fixxx eventually combined forces to desecrate the forces of evil wrath with their unmatched swift skills on handling their individual axes. During their quest for finding the ultimate war comrade, they eventually come across a wandering warrior whose well-versed with the lore of the war cries, Ace, and hence he joined us upon our expedition to eradicate evil doers. During long journeys, and after hours and hours of blood bath battle, there came along 2 more humble, yet aggresive and talented rangers, with Fate with the lore of the pounding bass, and Lee with the skill of the flying sticks & drums.

Hence these 5 warriors journey into the depths of the underground scenes to wreck havoc and crash down gigs and performances.

Performance history

We made our first debut performing in the gig named Gateway To Hell with lots of other well-known bands. Being a newbie doesn’t keep us apart from giving our best on the day, we made crowd headbang, mosh, and even sing along with us.

This lineup has been performing gigs after gigs, performance after performance with their unduly appearances, with lots of new and unique surprises along with new costumes. They have also reached to the finals of a recent band competition held in 2005.

Sounds like?

With a mix of hard riffs and melodic vocals, we inspire the rebels out there with our enchanting sounds. We deliver sounds like As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Slipknot, Meshuggah, Mudvayne, Lamb Of God, Devildriver, and many more. We have played covers ranging from Hatebreed to Bleeding Through and even Metallica. We have also a ever-continuing list of original songs, which we never fail to mesmerize our audiences during gigs and performances. We are always experimenting new materials for our new originals, hence new covers has always been trying out whenever we’re performing in gigs.

Why “Dermapthera”?

After battles of name choosing, the name “Dermapthera” was chosen out of at least 50 other name candidates. “Dermapthera” is derived from the term “Dermaptera” (note the spelling), which is an insect from the layman’s term, “Earwig”. Although we are not bunch of pesky animals, we are a hybrid of the insects’ natural characteristics. One of which that we only get aggresive when provoked, and we feast on the brain of sleeping humans.

Current Missions

Apart from trying to make the world a better place to live in, we are currently developing new sounds with even more melodies from more various influences. We want to make our own “signature” sound where we can differentiate between the others. We are constantly trying to maximize our output rate with finished products, and continuing to upgrade old mixes of our own. We will NOT fail to mesmerize our crowd and we will always keep your heads banged!

That concludes our mini biography. Support Dermapthera. Cause we support you!

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