ask yusry’s girlfriend anything. Hehehehe

March 11, 2008 at 3:51 pm (Announcements!, General, iPod Touch)

When my boyfriend (whose name is Yusri btw) started writing about Ipod Touch, I laughed at him because I think it’s so useless and obsolete. All he did is just comment about the product and write directions already written by IT geeks but in terms even a 13 year old can understand. I even think he is crazy for answering inquiries for free.

At first we were excited when traffic picked up from the usual less than 10 per day. We had readers as far away as Canada, USA, Israel, Middle East, etc! He did not list his blog in any traffic website but it became popular anyway and was even featured on the front page of WordPress.

Then I brought up the idea of turning traffic into money. But he was really against it saying no readers would want to see advertisements. So he used the Donations button instead. Which I think is hopeless because no one would want to donate money! I was being realistic. But he brushed me aside.

I like money, and I am sure Yusri loves it too. So if you like what you see in this blog and is satisfied with the content, please spare a thought at the effort put into answering your inquiries and the painstaking write up of technical entries. So help us by donating!

And btw, further entries about Ipod Touch and other IT stuffs, are now written in this blog:

And if you’re a girl, consider an IT geek for a boyfriend. Most may look like robots, but at least you know your computer and other gadgets are safe in their hands. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You can sleep soundly knowing you’ll have a hero to recover lost documents and a busted computer. And maybe learn a thing or two from him about the gadget you just bought without actually reading the manual. Yusri has served me well for the last 2 years. 😛

That’s all. Hehehehe……


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This blog is moving place!

February 24, 2008 at 10:53 pm (Aishah's, Announcements!, Band progress, Band reviews, Competitions, Covers, Dermapthera, DIY, Downgrade, Fishing CR, Fishing Review, From Stomp, From the News, Fun Stuff, Funny, Gadgets, Game Review, GBA, General, Gossip and Entertainment!, Hot Stuff, How to, iPhone, iPod Firmware, iPod Touch, iPod Touch Jailbreak, Jokes, Magic Tricks, Movie Reviews, MP3/MP4 Players, Music Reviews, Original compositions, Other products, Personal, Previous Gigs, PS2, PSP, PSX, Random Snaps, Reviews, Song reviews, Technical Stuffs, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized, Upcoming shows, Upgrade, Version 1.1.1, Version 1.1.2, Version 1.1.3, YouTube videos)

Hi guys.

I am going to relocate most of my non-band related content from this blog onto another blog.

Although I enjoyed getting a lot of reads lately, it seems that this blog has become a little bit non-standard. I have loyal readers (I hope) and people who’d be willing to come to me to ask for help. I enjoy helping as much as possible.

And not forgetting being featured in WordPress’s BOTD and fastest growing blog, I’m just so honoured. But my decision is final.

Most links WILL be broken (if you have linked to me). I will not leave any trace of the post in this blog at all.

Since I’m getting more and more ready for my band Dermapthera, I plan to use this domain name ( as an official blog for the band only. I have been sticking to the domain name for as long as I can remember, and most people in the blogosphere will identify me as “dermapthera”.

I find that this could be misleading in the near future. Although I don’t see the band anywhere being successful in the near future, there’s still a possibility that we could be if we worked hard. Me and my vocalist have drawn out our visions for the future of the band and what we could do.

Hence I would like to take this opportunity to migrate to another blog. A new blog name, a new blog address. And I need a new identity. I don’t want to be remembered as “dermapthera”, but instead, as the “guitarist of dermapthera”.

When my new blog is ready, I will announce the address again. For now, I might not be updating new contents yet.

Sorry if I have caused any inconvenience. You guys have been great, and I have been enjoying a lot from blogging here.

Expected migration period will take one week (starting today). I will re-announce again once migration is successful.


P.S: The main reason why I placed all the tag/categories there is to reach out to potential RSS readers.

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Using Wikipedia to cite?

December 7, 2007 at 10:20 pm (General, Hot Stuff) (, , , )

The last time I searched information using Wikipedia is during my poly years. I would occasionally search for information I need and most of the searches linked to Wikipedia.

But I learned something at that time. 5 years ago, I couldn’t trust Wikipedia for it’s content, even though it seems credible.

The main reason was that the information stated can be modified as and when it is required. Hence how credible can a “modifiying” content be?

This article, here,  shows that students CAN indeed rely on Wikipedia. Although banning is a bad idea, but students (in the name of successful learning development) should use their own judgement on whether the information stated can be trusted or not.

Most of the time, it can useful. I cannot give a NO to the information given. However, to find out if the contributor is of a reliable source is another question.

How can one be sure if the information is accurate? Do more research. Books are the best. Because books uses a lot of citations from other sources to complement it’s content. Wikipedia does that too, but sometimes, people are just plain ignorant and tend to oversee that the content were interlinked with other sources.

So the question is, is Wikipedia good for citation?

My humble opinion would be no. To aid the development of learning, students should do more research. Although Wikipedia has most of it’s content correct, sometimes, more research means more learning, and more learning is ultimately what we need.

Banning of students to use Wikipedia? I would say no. Students should be taught on how to compare such findings with other findings and make out a comparison chart. That should add up to the learning process.

I have not used Wikipedia in 5 years already. Maybe I should drop in sometime to see what major changes they have gone through.

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Rapsodi Remix

December 7, 2007 at 9:51 pm (General, Music Reviews) ()

I’m currently watching Rapsodi Remix shown on Suria.

As per usual, the presense of Suhaimi Yusof spiced up the whole atmosphere. He makes a good host no matter what kind of shows he hosts on. I’ve always enjoyed his hosting abilities.

I must say, I’m pretty impressed by the standards of our current local talents. But I’m still sceptical, how far can they go?

They have artiste like Hady Mirza, Allif Aziz, Maya Rahman, Haryani Hassan Bakri etc, and I have yet to see how far their success can be.

If just hoping for Singapore alone, I doubt these young stars can reach the stars. I’m very sure that Singapore is doing a lot for these young talents to feature into international grounds but I have yet to see that happening.

I hope the Asian Idol starting tomorrow will change how the Asia sees Singapore’s talent.

Personally, I liked how Allif Aziz does the Hip-hop remix of Ala Canggung, it was simply refreshing. But it reminds me of the all time favourites rendition by Too Phat and sounded so much like Ahli Fikir, so I still think there’s much to improve on.

But I think it’s a bit biased, because the show’s ground in Singapore. So whenever the names of Hady Mirza, Allif Aziz and Maya Rahman is spoken, the crowd goes wild. What about the incredible talents from Brunei Darussalam? I think because the crowd knows them (recent stars) so it’s pretty common that they will jump crazy upon hearing their names.

Like all the other Rapsodi series every year, it has always been a huge success, and the response was well received. I hope it continues this way, either way it’s good for both Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

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Random Stuffs

December 7, 2007 at 11:05 am (General, Uncategorized) ()

I was feeling a little random when I woke up today. I went on to google and searched for “what are people searching in search engines” and I found a link to Google Hot Trends. I wanted to do this after a heated discussion with my girlfriend yesterday night about what people are looking for when they are online.

So as for now, I found a few interesting searches:

  • Washington Monument Height
  • First Supreme Court Justice
  • Do Almond Grows On Trees
  • Once Upon A Christmas
  • Racist Test
  • Mall Shooting

I wonder what kind of information are they looking for when searching for these.

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