How to: Put PSX/PS1 ROMs to play with psx4all

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  1. Katana said,

    when I try to get the BIOS-file into the /Applications/psx4all-folder I can’t. I’m using CYberduck and leopard and it says “error occured”. Always. But I can get Roms and BIOS-files to other playes in the iPhone, like in the ROMs-folder. Any idea?


  2. dermapthera said,

    Hi Katana.

    I have an idea. Since you can put the file on some other places, why not you put the BIOS temporarily inside the ROM folder.

    Then download and install MobileFinder via the installer (it’s under Productivity).

    Now after you have installed it, run it, then tap on settings, you’ll need to OFF “Application Launch”. If you don’t do this, whenever you double tap on “”, it will launch it.

    Now you navigate to the ROM folder. Tap the ~ button, then go to Media/ROMs/PSX (assuming you put the BIOS there).

    Single tap on the BIOS file, tap on File, then tap on Move.

    Now navigate to the folder. Tap on the Apple icon, then go to Applications/, now tap Paste.

    I would recommend you to change the File Permission using Squid if you cannot use Cyberduck to change it.

    Do let me know of your outcome ok?

    Good luck!


  3. Katana said,

    Sounds good, I’ll try it right now ^^


  4. dermapthera said,

    Hi Katana

    Yeah do try it out, and let me know if you need anymore help ok?

    Good luck!


  5. Katana said,

    Hi again,
    I’m sorry I doesn’t got a answer for the outcome. I couldn’t download the MobileFinder or send it into the iphone through CyberDuck, got mad and restored the whole iPhone. Now it works perfectly to send over the BIOS!

    Thanks for help and “HowTo”!

    Now, it’s only the problem that my FF/ game is in three pieces with .7z as ending. Howto make it like one game, and what ending should it have?

    Going to look through the internet, but if you know the answe, please tell me!


  6. dermapthera said,

    Hi Katana

    Sorry can’t help for ROMs though, I’m not too sure how the emulator works.

    The supported formats for psx4all is:
    – .ISO
    – .BIN
    – .IMG
    – .Z
    – .ZNX

    So for your .7z, I think you’ll need to extract them or something. I’m really not too sure on that part.

    Sorry if I wasn’t being of any help at all.


  7. Katana said,

    Dear dermapthera,
    you are helping me more then you think 🙂
    Now I know what to look for, and I have MobileFinder installed if I would need it later on ^^
    Keep up the good work!


  8. Ryan said,

    hey how do u put files in your iPhone? What program do you use?

  9. dermapthera said,

    Hi Ryan.

    You can use iphonebrowser if you’re running Windows. If you’re running on a Mac, I have not come across a GUI for browsing iPhone/iPod Touch files.

    Read this post for the link to download iphonebrowser.


  10. mike said,

    how long should it take for the download to the iphone take. When I say this I am speaking of the IMG file.

  11. dermapthera said,

    Hi mike

    Depending on the IMG file, it can take very long. The last time I tried to upload a 650MB file, it takes me about 30 mins. It might be earlier, but my program (iphonebrowser) looked like it stopped responding. So I have to wait a little longer just to confirm that it’s not hanging.

    To prevent corruption of file (and possibly your iPod itself), please do not attempt to disconnect the device for a while. Uploading large files takes very long, and if any interruption were to happen in between, it could damage your file and device.

    Hope that answers your question.


  12. daithi said,


    I’m not good with anything like this, but I downloaded the psx emulater from and I have no clue what you are talking about.
    Please help

  13. dermapthera said,

    Hi daithi

    I’ve described most of the instructions into this post already. Even if I try to simplify it, I doubt it’ll make any sense. For a start, I need to know what you want to do.

    Q1: Are you trying to upload ROMs? If so, use iphonebrowser or SSH into your iPod.

    Q2: Are you trying to get psx4all to work? If so, download scph1001.bin (the BIOS file) then upload into your iPod using iphonebrowser or SSH into your iPod.

    Q3: Do you even know what you’re looking for? Then ask me, slowly stating what you want to know. I will try my best to help you.


  14. infamous1 said,

    Hey thanks for all the info dermapthera, do you happen to know what games run the best for the iphone?

    i have Tekken III and Megaman 8 on mine right now but each are a little on the slow side. Is there any other way (in the setting etc)to speed them up? or based on ur experiences, please give me a game title that runs the smoothest


  15. dermapthera said,

    Hi infamous1

    Honestly, the release was a little bit unstable, and it might be due to lack of support for it’s continuation of development.

    Personally, I’ve only managed to try only a few games (I rip them from my own CDs).

    Breath of Fire 3 works best, mute and interlaced. The sound, if turned on, makes it a bit choppy to play.

    Most of the other games I tried were very choppy. iPod Touch/iPhone internal CPU won’t be able to handle the required processing power needed to run smoothly.

    Games that don’t have cinematics will definitely work best. E.g. Suikoden series. They’re just 2D, with no CGI animations. I realised these are the only games that is not as choppy as the other games.

    There are no human changable settings, but if you’re a programmer, you’d probably want to contact the original author of psx4all for it’s source codes. Maybe, you’ll learn something.


  16. infamous1 said,

    nice, thanks again man

  17. hisham said,

    whenever i play a game it just quits and goes back to the summerboard… can u please help me

  18. dermapthera said,

    Hi hisham

    What game is that?

    Some images (games) are not stable hence will cause incompatibility issues when playing within iPod Touch/iPhone.

    Other than that, if your psx4all crashes instantly and goes back to springboard, it’s probably because of the permissions. Try changing permissions to all your /Applications/ folder.


  19. hisham said,

    thnx but its suikoden…
    now im confused what to do:(

  20. dermapthera said,

    Have you tried changing the permissions?

    BTW, what FW version are you using? If it’s 1.1.3, jailbroken using whose method?

    Let me know. I’m not sure how to fix this problem though… 😦

  21. hisham said,

    i use 1.1.2 and i dont undersand how to change permissions though but the only problem is when i play suikoden it goes back to the board and thats it i have to start ovr the game…:(

  22. dermapthera said,

    Hi hisham

    To change permissions, you’ll need some packages installed.

    First, download “BSD Subsystem”. It’s under “System” in Installer.

    Next, download “Term-vt100”. I’m not sure where, but I think it’s under System also.

    Now, you should have one new icon in your home screen called “Term-vt100”.

    Open it, and type in:

    chmod -R a+x /Applications/*

    After that, nothing will happen. Try playing the game and see if it’s crashing again.

    Good luck.

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